2018: May~Jul – 東京大学 The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus

Critical Thinking (Advanced & Intermediate) for Science & Engineering Graduate & PhD students

In the course, you will learn how to apply critical thinking, knowledge of science, and knowledge of the mechanisms of self-deception to everyday practice. Participants will learn the basics of self-expression, presentation, and using English as a means to critically think, expertly present, and communicate effectively.

How Scientists Think

  • In What Ways Do Scientists Come to Their Understandings?
  • How Might Patterns of Scientific Thinking Impact Our Own Learning?
  • What are Some Characteristics of 21st Century Scientific Thinking?
  • What is Synthetic Thinking? An In-Depth Example from 21stCentury Science

Modeling in Science

  • What is “Model”?
  • How Do Models Help Us Think?
  • The Process of Modeling: How Can Drawing Models Help Us Build
  •      Understanding?

Science as a Collaborative and Social Process

  • Collaboration in Science
  • Subjectivity and Objectivity in Science
  • The Dynamic Nature of Science

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